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SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program


      A Personalised Mentoring Program To Get You Certified

      SoulLife® Recall Regression Program

      SoulLife® Recall Regression is the only training of this kind in the world.  The program is a specialised combination of Toni's research and expertise compiled over more than twelve years mentoring and facilitating regression for thousands of students and clients.

      Collaborate together with Toni from anywhere in the world, covering 9 lessons over a personalised period of between 5 to 9 weeks to earn your certificate. You'll be confident, ready to begin the real work, helping people, facilitating a process that changes lives.


      The program is delivered as a combination of video, one on one experiential practice and live online group mentoring with Toni. You can expect encouragement, accountability, and coaching for business strategy.

      Training in Recall Regression with Toni Reilly, 
      Australia's #1 internationally recognised Regression Specialist means you'll have access to her professional tips, down to earth teaching style, and dynamic process so you become a highly effective facilitator ready to change people's lives for the better


      Do you feel called to make a difference helping people?

      This Personalised Certification Program Is For You If...

      • You Are Intuitive

        Super sensitive people often feel isolated or are bullied as a child. They feel different to everyone else.  Sometimes they even feel like a stranger in their own family.

      • You're Riddled with Self Doubt

        Self doubt is prevalent in people who are drawn to help people.  It forms the ideal psyche of a nurturing natural healer type. The experiential training helps you too!

      • You're Searching for Clarity and Purpose

        This kind of work could be the clarity you have been seeking! Plus the training sets you up to overcome your own challenges while learning to help others do the same.


      • Changing Career Appeals to You

        Wether you've begun to transition away from your current career to do something that you’re passionate about or this is the first step to setting yourself up.


      • You're Ready to Transform Yourself and Others

        This kind of training calls for someone who has looked at who they are.  You might not know fully, but you have a desire to soul search.


      • You've Attended the School Of Life

        The best practitioners have been through the emotional wringer one way or another, gifting them compassion and tolerance that can not be learned through a text book.


      Here's What You Get


      • Begin with a 15 minute complimentary call with Toni to check if you're a great fit.

      • Certificate in SoulLife® Recall Regression through the Toni Reilly Institute a certified training provider with the IICT, International Institute of Complimentary Therapist.

      • World class practical training presented in a real down to earth way,  personalised to ensure incredible results that will leave you feeling inspried!

      • One on One and Group time online with Toni delivering nine lessons incorporating a combination of video and exclusive resources.

      • Experiential Regression and Between Life Exploration facilitated by Toni Reilly.

      • Integrate your new skills with Toni's support by email and other resources and exercises.

      • Emerge Certified, with a new perspective, feeling invigorated, confident and directed, ready to help people fix almost any issue.

      About Toni Reilly

      Toni Reilly, the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, Programs and Seminars. She is a best- selling award winning author, speaker, seminar leader and an internationally recognised Regression Facilitator.


      As a Therapeutic Coach specialising in Regression Therapy for 12 years Toni has guided thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation; helping people value themselves so they can reach their potential, overcoming emotional bruises, to live and work with purpose.


      Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni’s success in business. She is a great role model to her participants, who has mentored many from highly respected professional backgrounds in all fields from Scientists, Psychologist to CEO’s of multi-billion dollar Companies, to stay at home Mums, Blue Collar workers, Doctors and Nurses, Counsellors and Complimentary Therapists.


      Toni presents in her trademark light-hearted style. She stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal development is how to reach your potential to become a highly effective practitioner.


      Toni has trained in New York with her mentor and pioneer Dr. Brian Weiss, Author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

      Toni only accepts a limited number of students each intake to ensure you receive her full focus to get maximum benefit from your investment in becoming an amazing facilitator.

      Remember ask any questions mention what you wantthere is no obligation

      This call is to find out if Toni's program is right for you and if we gel together.

      What People Say About Toni

      I have met a lot of 'Spiritual Gurus', attended many courses and thought I can never be spiritual, I eat meat, I drink alcohol, can be judgmental and just plain mental at times and was not filled with love and light.  Oh and I know a lot of swear worlds.  Then I met you Toni Reilly, and you were a breathe of fresh air. Real, no pretense, honest and you laughed often.  Lets say de-fluffed. 

      Since working with Toni, I am far more in tune with my intuitive and spiritual side.  I have further developed my spiritual awareness where I have taken lessons from previous lifetimes that were identified through past life regression, to help me overcome fears or phobias.  Through an experiential learning from an  ‘between-lives’ regression session, I discovered my ‘soul group’ and important messages that I can receive which guides me through my spiritual journey in this current Earth lifetime.


      I have grown exponentially as a human being but more importantly as a spiritual being – an old soul who has been a ‘healer’ in many lifetimes, but was unaware of this until I met Toni and worked under her guidance, mentoring, and intuitive counselling.  Every day, I am grateful to Toni and for the universal energy and synchronicity that brought her into my life path.  She has been inspirational beyond words!  

      Don’t even think twice about working with Toni! I am in awe of her -  such professionalism as a practitioner, blended with genuineness, sincerity, trustworthiness; she puts you at ease from the onset; she is fair to each and every person she works with (or in the group),  with her time and questions; she has the ability to draw one out of their shell, without one feeling any awkwardness.  She gets you to tap into your own inner self and energy and to draw from those experiences to move forward to heal any physical or emotional blockages you may have.

      Whether you choose to experience a past/current or in between life regression session with Toni or to learn from her Diploma of Soul Life Coaching course or other Workshops or Seminars she conducts, the opportunity to experience/learn from the ‘Best of the Best’ should not be missed! Your life will be enriched, just by having met and experienced Toni Reilly!

      Through her mentoring, I discovered my Life Purpose.  Toni has given me clarity on what I need to do to fulfil my life purpose - to help others through my healing and creative energy and intuitive gifts in service of others.


      Whilst working with Toni, her intuitive counselling and encouragement  gave me immense confidence. I’ve known for over ten years that I am intuitive, but was terribly confused as to what modality of healing I should develop.   By the time I finished working with Toni, she had helped me overcome my lack of confidence in my spiritual intuitiveness; she enabled me believe in myself and to trust my ‘gut’.  She has such an easy disposition and no question was too stupid to ask’.

      I would wholeheartedly say yes to anyone thinking of working with Toni as I know from my experience with Toni that they would take away experiential knowledge and self growth/spiritual expansion benefitting themselves and others they may go on to work with. Toni's approach and belief in the modalities she uses and teaches is very fun, heartfelt, forthright and professional. 



      The Program

      You're learning the most powerful modality to help people attain or regain their identity, and to free themselves of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.
      You will make a difference helping people take charge of their lives by integrating SoulLife® Recall Regression, the psychology of the future.

      • 1 | The Basics

        Discover what regression is, how it works, your role as facilitator and what it can do for people.

      • 2 | Facilitation

        How to prepare and facilitate a session. 

        Observe Toni regressing someone then discussion to explain the process and answer your questions.

      • 3 | Experiential Regression

        Experience Regression with Toni to discover the therapeutic value and how past live’s assimilate with current life.



      • 4 | Questioning

        Master facilitation through strategic questions to achieve the best results and least resistance from the client.

      • 5 | Practice Facilitation

        Regress a volunteer, discuss the process, and outcome for the client and for you as the practitioner.

      • 6 | Current Life

        How current life recall integrates with past life regression. Interactive exercise and experiential practice.

      • 7 | Other Realms

        Overview of the in between and soullife realms. Indications the client is visiting and how to facilitate.

      • 8 | Experiential Exploration

        Experiential exploration of in between lives and the SoulLife realm. Assimilation of the therapeutic value and how it fits into life now.

      • 9 | Practitioner Business

        The therapeutic setting
        Practitioner factors of ethics, age and contraindications

        Integrating recall regression with other skills and therapies

        Setting your fee and stress free ways to charge
        Basic marketing and advertising

      All for a one-time payment of AU$2995

      (we have payment plan options)


      Ask questions and make enquiresyou're under no obligation.

      This call is to find out if Toni's program is right for you and if you gel together.

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