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SoulLife® Serenity Intuitive Stress Relief and Relaxation

An Online Program To Help You Become Stress Free

      Here's What You Get

      • 9 Powerful Video Lessons
        All short and to the point so you feel the difference fast.

      • 3 Guided Visualisations
        For relaxation and to get you in a deep state to access healing. 

      • 2 Quizzes
        Discover some things about yourself that are key to rescuing or eliminating the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

      • Downloadable Resources
        Transcripts, worksheets and exercises to help ups become anxiety free at your own pace.

      • Group Support
        Exclusive entry into the SoulLife Community where you can feel supported and surrounded by like minded people.

      About Toni Reilly

      Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist.


      She is the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, Programs, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation.


      Toni assists people to overcome their emotional bruises and live with purpose, confidence and love.

        What People Are Saying

        Toni has such a soothing voice, I can listen to her guided visualisations over and over.  I refer back to them every time I feel the need to relax.  Stress comes and goes, now I know how to work with it.

        I used to experience extreme anxiety in certain situations. I had challenges with confidence and self trust. I would question myself and I lacked confidence in speaking out, now its different.  I am mostly calm and my issues have faded out since completing Serenity.


        Toni is the voice of reason.  What I discovered as I worked through Serenity was life changing.  I am a very logical person, even still, it felt right and I got results!  I used to be anxious often and now it is rare.

        I attended a workshop with Toni a few years ago and really liked her down to earth presence so I thought I would try her online course.  SoulLife Serenity was a big surprise, my stress levels are so much better!

        All I can say is, after this, I must do something with you in person Toni, if you can work miracles like I have experienced doing your online course, the mind boggles with what you can do in person. Thank you for helping me be anxiety free for the first time in years.

        Serenity resonated deeply.  It had never occurred to me that anxiety could be picking up on someone else!  I am super sensitive and it is a relief to know how to maintain my energy

        I was desperate when I did this course.  I expected it to be like the many other things I had tried that worked for a while, but really were managing the anxiety.  Most of these concepts were new to me, and they worked. I haven't felt this calm in years. 

        The techniques made me feel incredible.  I always thought I was having a heart attack, I've been tested by doctors but they could never find anything.  This is the first time it all made sense.

        What's Included

        You get to work with someone who, just like you has been through the school of life, Toni guides you to a new perspective on anxiety and stress in these 9 lessons.

        • 1 | Orientation

          In this lesson you get a feel for the course and we introduce guided relaxation.

        • 2 | Understanding Stress and Anxiety

          Here we discuss an alternative reason behind anxiety and stress, expect to be surprised.

        • 3 | Expression Bruises

          Discover why we behave the way we do and how that creates anxiety and stress.

        • 4 | Dishonest With Yourself

          I am introducing how we are dishonest with ourselves. We usually don’t even realise!

        • 5 | Communication Breakdown

          About  how communication affects your anxiety and stress levels.

        • 6 | Intuition and Inner Sense

          We explore potentially untapped areas that may be attributing to your anxiety.

        • 7 | Five Easy Steps

          I will show you a simple system you can follow to ease or eliminate potential distress your life.

        • 8 | Alternative Treatment

          We discuss an alternative, way to address anxiety and stress. It is so effective it borders on unbelievable.

        • 9 | It's A Wrap

          A final summary to run over how far you've come. 

        All for a one-time payment of just $197

        (Limited Time)

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